Refurbished Ceiling Fan

by Claire on Feb 5, 2011

On our second of four snow days, Nick and I decided to do something productive on the home improvement front. Our ceiling fan had been bugging us for over a year, and we thought it would be relatively simple task to paint it. Thirteen hours and four trips to Lowes later, we had the finished product. Well almost. We're going to put it on a dimmer switch because it's a little too intense!

Upcycled Workbench

by Nick on Feb 1, 2011

This work bench is made out of plastic decking. We have about 300 linear feet that is sitting in our backyard instead of at the landfill. I've been working on it for the last few weekends and am pretty happy with the way it turned out. Yes that is weekends, plural. We've been really busy here at The General.

I almost broke down and purchased some 4x4s to use as legs, but came up with an alternative using the decking. Screwing two equal length boards in an "L" shape made the surprisingly strong legs you see in the last image. I also mounted a used vise on the side, and sizable scraps of plywood as the work surface.

I plan to add a shelf below the work surface to store tools, and holes in the front and top that can be used to clamp projects to the work surface. 

Coats and Coat Hangers

by Claire

Today was a snow day in Albuquerque. It literally snowed for at least 24 hours continuously. Actually, I take that back. It was difficult to tell if it was snowing nonstop because it was also very windy. This morning Nick and I realized we were in desperate need of doing laundry. Ninety-nine percent of the time  this isn't a problem in this arid land, even if the temperatures are frigid. Moisture in the air (like snow or rain) makes up that other one percent. Nick cleverly hung some rope in our hallway, strung between three bedrooms and one bathroom. This system dried one load already today, and will help us out with a second tonight. 

We felt very sorry for Dottie today in the icy weather; we caved and bought her third (and final!) coat. The first one we made the mistake of leaving on her one day. She took it off and chewed it to pieces while we were at work. I made her a fleece second coat. Somehow, months later, we thought she would be mature enough to keep it on while we were away. It was cold this time, and we figured she would have the common sense to wear it for the duration of the day. Turns out, she struggled to get out of it, but couldn't. (I had secured the velcro too well.) Instead of being free of the coat entirely, she had somehow managed to get one arm out, and stretch it in a way that she was able to poop on it. With her third coat that resembles a sleeping bag, she will never be allowed to wear it out of our sight. (I think it's cute that it  doesn't quite cover her bum... it must be the Basset in her!)

Other interesting news (since it has been so long):

1. Nick and I are working on our Master's degrees through UNM. It is a really fabulous program, however we seem to spend all of our weekend writing papers, reading, and preparing for our own classrooms. I'm glad it is only going to be a year and a half long. 

2. My parents just bought a cute vintage mobile home as a second home here in Albuquerque, and our dear friends, Byron and Jordan, are moving here next week! It will be nice to see them all more often.