Cheap Sewing

by Claire on Sep 2, 2012

This weekend was is awesome. For the first time that I remember since becoming a teacher five years ago, I did not bring any school work home. Now, that doesn't mean that I don't have work to do, I was just finally able to leave it behind. We were looking forward to completing our shed (details will be presented here in a future post), but then Nick caught a bad cold. As it turns out, I am not competent with construction work and am in no way able to complete it without him. I am more of an assistant. An assistant to the manager. 

Here is what I have done with the weekend instead:
  1. Wasted time on Facebook
  2. Cleaned the house
  3. Made whole wheat tortillas from scratch and ate them all
  4. Made whole wheat cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting for Nick
  5. Bought a weed-whacker and mowed the lawn with it (Yes, it has been so long since we mowed our lawn the real way that our pitiful mower couldn't handle it.)
  6. Flushed a black widow out of the bottom of the screen door, then made Nick get his sick self off the couch to kill it because I was too big of a wimp
  7. Made Nick some healthified cream of broccoli soup
  8. Went grocery shopping
  9. AND MADE THE FOLLOWING CLOTHING ITEMS! (Everything in navy blue, anyway.) I bought a twin-sized jersey sheet set at Target for $20 and had a hey day. The skirt came from about half of the fitted sheet, and the tank-top was made from the pillowcase. I think I will make a necklace out of the remaining portion of the fitted sheet. I am accepting ideas for the flat sheet...maxi-dress? Cape? Tights? Gloves? Leotard? All of the above at the same time?