Wine Crate Bookshelf

by Nick on Nov 12, 2009

First and foremost, I would like to apologize to the employees of Costco. I am sorry for precariously stacking 18 bottles of wine every time I visit your store. I know this makes your job more difficult, and I appreciate your patience with me. Unfortunately, the benefits for me are just to great to stop this habit.

In the gigantic alcohol section there are some expensive wines which are shipped in wooden crates. The crates are no more functional for shipping wine then their cardboard counterparts. However they provide a useful sized box for all sorts of projects. You may have noticed in my last post that they were being used as saw horses. Other crates are holding files, tools, CDs and DVDs, and most recently books. I used four boxes and some scraps of wood to make the bookshelf that you see above sitting at the end of our hall. We like the way it looks, and all it cost were the screws, some time, and the guilt of having irritated Costco employees weekly.


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  1. SwimmerMan Says:

    Great stuff. Zack from Burlington, VT (amateur hobby carpenter)

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