Cirque du Soleil Alegria = Joy (No, it literally means joy in Spanish)

by Nick on Jun 29, 2010

Three weekends ago we had eight visitors. That is my parents, their two dogs, my sister, brother in law, and two more dogs.  This was also in the quasi-middle of out bathroom-mold-shenanigans.  We had one shower and toilet between us.  It was a hoot, no, a hoot and a half.

For this visit each couple picked a night and cooked a meal.  My parents made a dish called a "Low Country Boil;" which was a Louisiana style soups with shrimp, sausage, carrots, corn on-the-cob, and a bunch of other deliciousness.  Maggie and Leni made some kebabs.  Which again included shrimp.  Shrimp is a rarely eaten at The General, and I particularly enjoyed having it twice.  Claire and I made portabella burgers. Doing meals this way made the weekend relaxing and fun.

One of the major highlights of the visit was going to a Cirque du Soleil performance called "Alegria."  It was the most amazing stage performance I have ever seen.  I constantly found my mouth open, and heart skipping a beat in fear and excitement.  Maggie had a good post over at Snack for Later about the weekend, and more details about Cirque du Soleil.  Thanks Mom and Dad for treating us to the show.

Here are a few other highlights from the weekend:
  • Going to a movie (a rare treat for us)
  • Playing board games (including one in which my father pantomimed the word "dump")
  • Shopping for landscaping rock with my parents
  • Watching the dogs play/interact/not interact with each other.
  • Going to Saint Michael and All angels with my whole family.

2 Response to "Cirque du Soleil Alegria = Joy (No, it literally means joy in Spanish)"

  1. Maggie Moore Says:

    Can't believe you didn't mention the trip to the flea market as a highlight. Shame on you.

  2. Nick Says:

    It's true, the Flea Market was awesome. Claire just finished refurbishing the "couch" we got for 35 bucks.

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