Depression Lace

by Claire on Jun 20, 2012

Recently, at Christmas, Eleanor acquired a couple of vintage gingham aprons, and I was jealous. And intrigued, especially by the little thread removal lace situation on one. (I thought this was called hardanger, but I have since googled that and I was wrong. If you know what it is actually called, please comment!) 

So, I set about trying to replicate one for myself. Here is the first attempt. 

Then, I made another. (This time it was for someone else.) I also really went hog wild on the embroidery front--if, in fact, embroidery can ever be considered "hog wild"-- and tried real depression lace, which as it turns out, is a variation on cross stitch. It was overly repetitive and involved more counting than creativity, but was oddly meditative. This time-consuming process went really well with Downton Abbey.  See the pictures below. (Except the Downton Abbey part--you'll have to Netflix that on your own.) 

The whole apron, tied in the front. When I tried it on before shipping it off, I was really wishing it was mine and that it was decent to wear in public without pants or shorts. So I started thinking about a skirt with a similar fit...something that would accent the waist and hide the thickey-thighs. And that would have a more substantial back (as opposed to a bow). 

 Depression Lace

Depression Lace (up close)

Here is the end skirt result. I was really proud of how it turned out, considering I don't really sew that well and was making it up as I went along. To avoid dealing with a zipper (I did that once ten years ago and don't remember it fondly) I made it a wrap skirt with a few snaps. It is pleated in the front and the back, and has a separate 3-4 inch wide sash that can be knotted in the front or back. I ended up really liking the high waist-line and the variety the sash can afford. 

Yep. It's basically a decent apron. (Dottie loves pictures when they are not being taken of her. Otherwise she avoids the camera like the plague!)

If you made it to the end of this post, I am impressed. 

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  1. *Katie May* Says:

    SO cute Claire! Way to go! The skirt is super cute I especially love the blue apron with the depression lace

  2. Holly Says:

    Look who's getting all "domestic!!" Super cute!

  3. Sara Says:

    Wow that's awesome. Love all three Claire!

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