The Gun Shot

by Nick on Oct 10, 2009

After cooking a pizza on our pizza stone, I left the stone on the stove top.  Hours later, Claire and I wanted to have our evening cup of tea.  So I turned on what I thought was the burner with the kettle on it.  Minutes later we heard a loud crack in the kitchen.  It turns out I had turned on the wrong burner.  The pizza stone had heated rapidly, unevenly and cracked.  It wasn't gunshots coming from our kitchen after all! In my frustration, I neglected to turn off the burner, and minutes later heard a second crack. It is a good thing that I am generally not left to my own devices in the kitchen.

4 Response to "The Gun Shot"

  1. Maggie Moore Says:

    Total stones are awesome. I did the same thing with some pyrex a couple years ago. Nothing like hot shards of glass all over a kitchen.

  2. O Says:

    I am glad you guys started a blog, and because you are witty and we are not frequently in touch and I really do want to know all about your lives, I in no way think you are pretentious. Max and I are in Ecuador having a lovely time... still not sure about our plans for the next couple of months, but wandering around happily, figuring stuff out. I just said yesterday-- I miss claire and Nick! Love you guys. Will continue to stalk you via blog. P.S. How does one start a blog... if one decides to...?

  3. Nick Says:
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  4. AJ Says:

    You want a snide comment Porter? Cut that mop on your head. :) Keep the beard though. The house looks nice. Hope you are doing well.

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