How to Catch the Swine Flu

by Claire on Oct 5, 2009

What you heard is true. On Thursday I left school at lunchtime with a 102.6 fever and the Swine Flu. When Nick asked the doctor if there was any chance that he would NOT get it, the doctor assured him that his chances of avoidance were slim to none. Nick took all the necessary precautions anyway: he refused to let me off the couch, sanitized all of the dishes I used, and cooked all of the meals for the next several days. He was a real lifesaver. When a friend/nurse practitioner told him to make sure we both ditched our toothbrushes after our bout with the flu was finished, Nick went as far as to separate our toothbrushes for the time being. He placed a new cup for his brush on the opposite side of the sink. Certainly germs couldn't travel that far. Last night, Nick came out into the living room, brushing his teeth. He was using my toothbrush. Old habits die hard, I suppose.

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  1. Holly Says:

    CLAIRE!!! I am so glad you found me! Sorry to hear that you have the flu..we had our turn a few weeks ago. Luckily, though, only one out of us five, got it! Get feeling better!

  2. Nick Says:

    As a point of order, I have not shown any signs or symptoms of having contracted ol' swiney.

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