by Claire on Mar 7, 2010

Ha! Pathetic. 

Nick and all the dogs. Lucy and Sierra were staying with us while Maggie (Nick's sister) and Leni were out of town. 

She really is a loving puppy. Sorry I can't rotate the picture. 

The queen of awkward arms.

We will be taking Dottie backpacking in a week. She has a backpack. (Don't think less of us... we want her to carry her own food and pack out her poop as necessary.) I remember taking pictures of her in it the other day, but they somehow were not on the camera. 
We will post those soon.

4 Response to "Dottie"

  1. *Katie May* Says:

    Dottie looks like she has a really fun personality! :) How fun to go backpacking! I want to see pics of this so called dog backpack, I have never heard of one before.

  2. Andy Miller Says:

    I never think less of anyone who packs out their own poop. I think more.

  3. AJ Says:

    You need to teach Dottie some modesty in that last picture... else if she gets around some boys she's gonna cause herself some trouble :-). Have fun on the backpacking trip. The other weekend I took Nikki up to Steven's Pass for her first excursion in snow - it's definitely worth another trip up there sometime soon!

  4. Holly Says:

    Thank you for the sweet comment you left! I agree with your thoughts whole heartedly. Its a tough world we live in! But I believe even a few of us can make a difference.
    You are a dear friend. Hope you and your little family are doing well!!

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